Shoko Mataki
Shoko Mataki
Name in Japanese 真滝 翔子
Rōmaji Translation Mataki Shōko
Appears in OVA
Voice Actor (Japanese) Megumi Toyoguchi
Voice Actor (English) Julie Ann Taylor
Personal Info
Gender Female

Shoko Mataki (真滝 翔子 Mataki Shōko) is a close friend and confidant of Eiri. Although an extremely sharp young lady, her insecurity is coupled with a neurotic nature that is endearing. As shown in the OVA, she easily gets jealous about things she hears about Eiri's love life. It is shown she cares deeply about him when he changes slightly due to the pact he entered with Cossette. In the end of the third and final episode she wakes up.

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